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I take a great interest in the proposal for a politics Q&A site, but I'm still trying to gauge the sort of questions would be appropriate for such a site. I thought perhaps a few example questions could guide me. Would any of the following questions be appropriate, given the discussed rules about avoiding right-on-left issues, maintaining evidence-based questions as much as possible, etc.? I attempted to group them based on relative subject matter or area of politics/political science?

  1. (Logistical, albeit hypothetical) What potential pitfalls, logistic or otherwise, could occur with an attempt to scale the Swiss system of relatively localised direct democracy to larger nations and populations like the United Kingdom or the United States?
  2. (Controversial, yet a tad theory based perhaps) What are the positive and negative effects of party systems with varying degrees of party participation? For example, the United States operates with two primary political entities, while several European countries operate with considerably more.
  3. (Similar to 2, but more historical) What historical factors contributed to the rise of multi-party systems like those in Europe, as opposed to the two-party system found in the United States and the U.K and/or the nominally democratic but de facto single-party systems like those of the PRI and the FSLN in Latin America?
  4. (Heavy theory) How does J.S. Mill's idea of personal liberty compare and contrast to that of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon?

In my opinion, questions 3 and 4 are suitable and not necessarily controversial enough to be problematic. 1 could potentially prove troublesome, but since the question specifies logistic concerns, perhaps this would not be an issue. 2 could be difficult to provide evidence supporting a position, unless economic studies have been done comparing health outcomes, financial effects, etc.

Another of the discussions asked about the health care reform, and as a relatively recent immigrant to the United States, I would certainly be interested in seeing questions about it. However, I am not sure how such questions would be phrased to avoid many of the partisan issues.


  • Why don't you just ask them on the proposal, and see how they fare?
    – naught101
    Aug 9, 2012 at 1:06

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1 - hypothetical/prognistication questions are almost always off topic on SE's and i would expect that to continue here. They invite speculationa and discussion and rarely result in any constructive results.

2 - I can conceive of a few questions here that would be constructive and on topic. But the vast majority would fall into speculation and conjecture rather than constructive. Questions about historical examples would be the main exception here.

3 - So long as scoped properly I do not see a problem with these questions

4 - Should be a very good question.

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    Thanks for the input. I don't know if I have enough question ideas to commit to the proposal at the moment, but I am certainly interested in its future. Jul 6, 2012 at 21:07

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