Today I was surprised to discover the disappearance of Romanian Language and Usage proposal from Area51. I go no notification regarding this and it was a really ugly way of discovering it considering that me and many others invested time and energy into defining it.

Is there a way to recover all the data?

BTW, one month of no activity is not something so anormal, especially for geographically localised communities during the summer!

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I cannot reopen the proposal, but if you 'contact us' at the link in the footer of this page, I can send you the questions that were asked.

But overall, the maintenance process used to delete "abandoned" proposals is extremely conservative. A proposal is only removed it it has absolutely NO activity whatsoever for a month or two. That means no new questions, no voting, no new comments… absolutely nothing.

Nobody has asked a question on that proposal since last September. After over a year in Definition, it only had three questions with a vote of 10 or more. Finally, proposals are deleted due to a continued lack of interest. There may be a better way to let folks know who are looking for the proposal, but that won't likely be implemented in this version of Area 51 — See: Warn user when a proposal has been deleted for inactivity.

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