I thought that this question/topic wouldn't be appropriate for Area51's chat and I couldn't find any topic mentioning Demoscene, so I started this discussion.

So, would a Demoscene.SE be a valid option? StackOverflow containts a demoscene tag in 12 questions, 27 questions include the keyword "demoscene", GameDev.SE has 7 posts containing the keyword "demoscene", and demoscene was even mentioned in the "Computer Music" proposal.

Demoscene could apply to many different Q&A sites (StackOverflow, GameDev, Programming, UI/UX, Computer Music, ...) so it would be helpful to have a central hub for discussion on demoscene topics. I'm not sure that such a proposal would be popular/supported, but I believe it would be worth a try.

I'm not sure if such a proposal is compatible with the requirements I read in the FAQ section. What do you think?


Anyway, here it is: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/41967/demoscene

I would like to comment that it ISN'T a duplicate of GameDev, but it COULD be a possile duplicate of StackExchange or even possibly Programmers. All this, I believe, promotes the creation of a more specific SE.

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I really love this idea. I've been a follower (but sadly not a participator) of the demoscene for a while. The culture and community is an amalgamation of hackers, gamers, artists and, even computer theorists.

I've seen quite an amazing amount of exceptional work packed in such a little amount of space and the techniques that are used to make such creative work is just astounding. I think having a site specific to Q&A in this topic would be beneficial to the SE and demoscene community, at large.

+1 for the idea.

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