Proposal: Healthcare Industry

Proposal: Bioinformatics

Proposal: Biomedical Informatics

Proposal: Biomedical engineering

Proposal: Neuroinformatics

Proposal: Public Health & Epidemiology

Proposal: Medicine

Proposal: Health

There are obvious key differences in all these topics but I feel there may be similarities which will overlap and I think its worth discussing.

What might be some of the overlapping similarities?

What are some key differences?

Can they all co-exist? Or should some be merged?

Lots of time and effort was spent on the Healthcare IT proposal which ended up closing down, discussing all these proposals might help us all keep the idea alive.

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As I see it, you might be able to merge "Academic Medicine" - Bioinformatics, PH & E, and the more technical aspects of Medicine might be able to be merged together.

  • I agree - in the same way that stackoverflow covers a very broad range of programming questions, many of these proposals could be merged together in order to have a high enough question and visit rate.
    – kimstack
    Oct 16, 2012 at 5:00

I looked over all the sample questions on Bioinformatics and I couldn't find any questions that would be a good fit on Healthcare Industry. I suspect they will keep out of each other's way for the most part. Public Health & Epidemiology also seems to be mostly distinct.

However, there was at least one question on Biomedical Engineering that would be on topic in Healthcare Industry. Specifically:

How can I prevent security breaches on wireless medical devices? - Memming


  • 3
    I agree the bioinformatic and Neuroinformatics seem to lean more towards the science aspect and probably wouldn't overlap with Healthcare Industry. However I wanted to include them in the discussion as they may overlap each other. Jun 26, 2012 at 16:29
  • I would agree Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics could overlap, and that Neuroinformatics might not gain much from being more focused than Bioinformatics. To a lesser extent Biomedical Informatics.
    – Atl LED
    Jul 11, 2013 at 2:02

I see three main groups of health related SE sites:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of individuals
  2. Public Health and health policy
  3. Healthcare related engineering and informatics

They might be diversified on a deeper level like differentiate group 1 into evidence based medicine from other forms of medicine or group 3 into eHealth (information and service focussed) and biomedical engineering (device focussed).


really good question. i wonder if modeling the structure of stackexchange's medicine topic similar to how the field of medicine itself is organized with all it's specialties etc would be best:

Merge medicine and health Merge Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics Rename Healthcare Industry to Health Administration


I created a similar proposal in case anyone wants to try again: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/109167/biomedical-technology

It is supposed to be about all technological aspects of medicine and biology.

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