Since pornography has been, and still is, the most profitable business on the internet; would anyone be interested in discussing it here?

Analysis may involve:

  • Statistics
  • Categorization
  • Social affects
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    When you asked this question 10 years ago, you stated that it was the most profitable business on the internet. Even though it makes sense, I'd like to know any reference to support the statement, and furthermore, get to know if it is still the case. Nevertheless, this question makes sense for me, but perhaps you could make it simpler to answer. (I tried to answer with a "yes", but is was too short) Commented Oct 19, 2022 at 23:35

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This is definitely an interesting idea. Most societies frown upon the mere discussion of pornography, I do think a SE-site about it could create a more open, factual based view on the topic. I support this proposal!


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