Proposal: English as a Second Language

Should we allow questions relating to certification of students and teachers? Like, where they can get certified in a country, which types of institutions accept what types of certification, etc.

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That sounds to me like it would be off-topic, but I wouldn't throw a fit if the community overruled my opinion on that one.


I'd say that certification questions should be allowed insofar as they relate to certification exercises, tips or similar items. I wouldn't support questions about where and why you can sit a certification exam, or which institutions require this and this level of certification. Besides, university requirements often change over time, and what was requested at a certain moment may no longer correspond to the present request.


In my opinion, this would be incredibly helpful, considering the potential learner types. Some people simply may not be able to learn off of the internet or by teaching themselves, and may need face-to-face instruction.

Certification, on the other hand, I think should be allowed, but regulated. I don't think citations for certification organizations that are private corporations and the like should be listed, as their credibility can be considered suspect. However, if government institutions and Non-Profit Organizations happen to offer this, then I would suggest it be available to anyone in the country it is offered.

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