I was looking for some books in a specific topic but google did not help me. I came to stackexchange to check out whether is there a "books.stackexchange" or "reading.stackexchange" site but upon investigating the list there I was surprised that I did not found anything that is even closely related to books/reading. Did I miss something? Why do stack exchange lack a site like this? I'm sure that a significant amount of stack exchange users do read books/e-books.


There was a Literature site, which I was part of, that went from proposal into beta. Unfortunately, it didn't have enough activity over time and was closed down. The thought has been that we may try a similar site again in the future, but it's probably too soon.

If you are looking at comics or books of a Sci-Fi or fantasy nature, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Exchange is where you want to go. In other subjects, book information may be gleaned from subject-specific sites, e.g. writing, finance, gardening, cooking, etc.

Also, be aware that book recommendation questions are usually in a very gray area of relevance on question-and-answer type sites such as the StackExchange network. Your mileage may vary, but such question tend to be considered off-topic, general reference, or too localized.

Perhaps try a social reading site like Shelfari or Goodreads - you should be able to find recommendations there.

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