The Russian Language & Usage have reached 100% commitment and from a few days there is the information that committed users will be invited to the private beta soon. However, "soon" is not very precise information. Is it a few days, a week, two weeks?

I've found out that people were asking when their site will launch: Astronomy: How long before beta?

But, without asking, is the information about launch plans available wherever? Such callback would be appreciated, even if it would be info "not in that week"...

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The Russian Language site is scheduled to launch today, on Wed 6/13. If you have 'Committed' to that proposal, you will receive an invitation to join via email when it goes online.


As answered by Robert in the question you linked to:

We try to launch sites on the Tuesday or Wednesday after the proposal reaches 100%. But sometimes technical concerns or resource issues push that back a week.

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