The Russian Language & Usage have reached 100% commitment and from a few days there is the information that committed users will be invited to the private beta soon. However, "soon" is not very precise information. Is it a few days, a week, two weeks?

I've found out that people were asking when their site will launch: Astronomy: How long before beta?

But, without asking, is the information about launch plans available wherever? Such callback would be appreciated, even if it would be info "not in that week"...


The Russian Language site is scheduled to launch today, on Wed 6/13. If you have 'Committed' to that proposal, you will receive an invitation to join via email when it goes online.


As answered by Robert in the question you linked to:

We try to launch sites on the Tuesday or Wednesday after the proposal reaches 100%. But sometimes technical concerns or resource issues push that back a week.

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