Over the last days I thought I observed inconsistencies in the computation of users with 200+ reputation on other sites. I then started regularly checking the statistics for the Personal Manufacturing proposal. Today (31/5/2012) several users committed to the proposal, including for example users PPvG and BarsMonster. When viewing their network profile, one can see that both have 200+ reputation on other sites. However I frequently checked the proposal page today and found that both did not add to the commitment percentage. As I am typing this, commitment percentage rose by one without someone committing.

How is the "users with 200+ reputation on any other site" percentage computed? It seems to me that users that are active on other SE sites who joined Area51 recently are not counted properly. Does it take time for reputation on other sites to be visible to Area51?

I know that there has been a bug in the Area51 software, but this seems to be solved now.

EDIT: The two users that I mentioned above now have their global reputation shown in Area51, so it probably a delay between here and other sites.

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    Given how Personal Manufacturing jumped to full commitment over night, I suspect you may be right. I seem to remember reading that Area 51 is based on quite an old version of the stack exchange software, so it may not be as slick and as well integrated as other stack exchange sites.
    – Mark Booth
    Jun 1, 2012 at 10:38


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