Proposal: Raspberry Pi

I think that even with the overlap we have with other sites, this proposal could represent a really strong community which could help promote the original aims of the Raspberry Pi foundation.

We are about half way to full commitment at the moment, with a strong contingent of experienced stack exchange users (often a problem for proposals trying to get into beta).

I imagine that many people, like myself, were holding off until we were able to get our hands on our Raspberry Pi before committing to this proposal, but today I realised that it would be better to have our beta up and running before people can easily get hold of the hardware. Because of this, as one of the 162 followers, I committed today, in the hope that more would do the same.

The standard way of promoting sites, referrals via sharing the proposal on social media are fine, but I think we have an untapped source of potential committers already on other stack exchange sites.

Stack Overflow, Super User, Electrical Engineering and Unix and Linux are all great places for Raspberry Pi questions. But when we ask Raspberry Pi related questions there, it is well worth mentioning this proposal, as this helps bring this proposal to the attention of more experienced stack exchange users who are interested in Raspberry Pi and might be interested in helping to build a community around it.

If you use your referral link, i.e. the Share This link you see when you visit the proposal Area 51 page, then you will be credited with every person who uses that link to find the proposal.

In addition to these ideas though, do people have any other ideas for how we can get this proposal into beta, even before the devices are freely available?

  • For one thing, it helps to remind people that they can start programming for their device before they physically have it.
    – ramblinjan
    May 17, 2012 at 22:40
  • I was laughing the whole time because you spelled Pi correctly in the title, but spelled it as Pie for the rest of the post.
    – user49443
    May 26, 2012 at 4:02
  • @dunsmoreb - Thanks, all fixed now - not sure how that happened. Guess I was concentrating on the content rather than the spelling, but I hope this is now less distracting.
    – Mark Booth
    May 29, 2012 at 9:16

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I agree that I think that this site could be a great resource for the R-Pi, especially as the board may be used by people learning, where Stackoverflow and the other 'grown-up' sites may be a bit intimidating.

I think that the forum approach that the Foundation are using is flawed when it comes to being used as a Q&A system, so I think that hopefully this site will compliment what they are doing. In time I hope to see some of the R-Pi designers contribute to this site.

That said, I am not sure that I agree that getting the site up and running long before a lot of boards are out there. It is hard to know what the right timing is, but if this took another month before it launched as a beta, that would probably be about right.

  • I agree, what we don't want is for this proposal to languish in commitment for 6 months and miss the boat on benefiting from all the Raspberry-Pi publicity that's around at the moment.
    – Mark Booth
    May 21, 2012 at 10:27

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