During the 'Definition' phase of a proposed site, questions are collected but not answered. Reading the FAQ it seems that questions continue to play an important part during the 'Commit' and 'Beta' phases; however, the FAQ is a little vague about where these questions come from.

After reading other people's questions on Area51, it seems that the questions used during the 'Commit' phase come from 'Definition' phase, right? But do these questions then propagate through to the 'Beta' phase and on to the live stage (assuming the proposed site gets that far)?

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The top example questions from the Definition phase are listed during Commitment to set the expectation and scope of what this site is about. But these are example questions and they do not automatically get posted to the site. There's more to a good question than a simple title. The folks using this site will ask about actual problems they are trying to solve. The "example questions" are little more than a vague title to help define what the site will be about.

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