When I try to access https://area51.meta.stackexchange.com/privileges, I am redirected to http://area51.stackexchange.com/privileges, which doesn't report the privileges I have on the discussion site; for example, on this very site I can retag questions, when it's not clearly the case on Area 51, for which the privilege doesn't even exist.


In a normal meta site, the privileges a user has are the same on the main site. This is not true for the discussion site for Area 51, for which the privileges are partially different (e.g., some of the privileges don't exist on the main site, or on the discussion site).

The discussion site should have its own page reporting the privileges users have.

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The divide between the discussion area and the workflow of Area 51 proper has always been, umm… hack-y. It comes from the historical origins where an Area51-wide discussion forum like this was not in the original design of Area 51.

I marked your feature-request [status-deferred] for the simple reason that we're not likely to add any major infrastructure changes like this to Area 51. If you like to see why, check out this post:

Next-Generation Area 51

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