I would like to create a Q&A style site here that would be a little different. I was wondering if this would be something OK with StackExchange.

This is how I imagine the site to be:

  • People working on a project would post a question to the site in the form of a request. For example, a logo for their site, a favicon, a mock-up, etc.

  • The community would respond in the answers with their logos, favicons, or mock-ups.

  • The community would then vote for the best answer or best design to be used by the questioner.

  • Those posting the answers would receive design advice in the comments below their answers.

I know this isn't how a traditional Q&A site works, but it might be an interesting twist on one.

What do you think?

  • that's called a poll.
    – tox123
    Mar 15 '16 at 19:04

No, this isn't really a good fit for a Stack Exchange site. See About Stack Exchange.

Stack Exchange isn't really a simple voting engine where you can use it to vote on other "stuff" to have people to vote on it. There is a lot more to Q&A than that. Still, we get a lot of requests to create sites to allow people submit any variety of non-questions and have people post solutions as "answers." That really is not what we do.

You can always tell when these ideas are not a good fit when the discussion quick turns to "how this will work" — redefining what is meant by a "question", what will be posted as "answers", and what the voting means — It's all about how to force-fit the interface to suit the purpose.

Sorry, I don't see a suitability to task for this idea… at least in Stack Exchange.


If what the site would have are requests, then it's not anymore a Q&A site.

The aim of Stack Exchange is to create sites that are helpful to future readers. If a question is only relevant to a small geographic area, a specific moment in time, or an extraordinarily narrow situation, then it is considered too localized, and closed.
The questions the site you describe would have seem to be rather objective. How do the user accept a proposed mock-up? Is there any expertise on answering to those questions?

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