Proposal: Islam

As the earlier discussions pointed out there is a site very similar to this proposal, im a moderator on the other website.

the website is poorley organized and the moderators are few and they only recive the title based on their request from the admin. I really enjoy the fact im one of those few that were chosen, but a 15 year old girl shouldnt be the one organizing all of the tags, eliminated discrimination and profanity, and doing the admins dirty work.

a member from this website directed me to this one and i commited to the idea since the other website wasent working out.

many of the users on the other site often request things that of course the admin cannot fulfill one of the most frequently requested thing is a section to only share some knowledge, a lot of times members post up some information they want to share and post it as a question, of course it would be much more convinent if there was a section on the website that had to deal with adding some of their knowledge.

so would this website be limited to just questions? or can their be a section that allowed people to gain some knowledge as well as share their own.

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    I don't think it's a good idea, or the site will turn into a complete mess just like any forum. Commented Apr 29, 2012 at 13:29

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Stack Exchange's primary use case is for Q&A where people post questions and the best user-submitted answers float to the top: http://stackexchange.com/about. But we've already said that it is perfectly acceptable to Ask and Answer Your Own Questions. Still, self-answered questions are often seen as rude, or somehow cheating the system, or at least dominating both sides of the conversation. So we've been looking for other ways to let people who have knowledge to contribute outside the Q&A space to find a place for their work.

We already have per site blogs for folks who have something interesting to share. Beyond that, we're just now starting to look at more explicit ways to help people with specific knowledge to share, whom we don't currently serve well. But that type of "outside the Q&A" knowledge sharing is still largely on the drawing board.


why not, sharing knowledge and may be some discussions around would be as help full as questions and answers...

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    it wouldnt be enough to just say its a good idea we would need to plan ahead about what type of website it would be
    – NesreenA
    Commented Apr 29, 2012 at 5:03

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