I am active in several beta sites on the stackexchange network. I often go the area 51 page on a beta to see it's progress. But there I can only see the current parameters and not really see the progress (hopefully) made over time.

Is there a way to see the old parameters, or perhaps in a from of a graph over time ?


Not yet. Brought up here: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128442/how-do-i-know-if-a-beta-stack-exchange-site-is-growing-well and really a bit off topic for this forum. But just to leave the information for others...

Knowing how a site is doing historically, and whether it is trending upward or downward is becoming increasingly important as these sites progress through beta. Area 51 is about to undergo a concerted re-development effort to create a next-generation product. No schedule or details on when/what/how that will happen, but making this type of "progress report" information more obtainable is one of our priorities and it is being looked at.


Robert's answer is the one you want, but I thought it worth pointing out that there is nothing stopping active members of the community of a particular site from logging the Area 51 stats themselves for tracking. I have been doing this for the Mathematica site and have been posting graphs as a regularly-updated posting on its meta site.


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