I've had a lot of people I've reached out to report to me that they have "followed" my proposal to help support it. Although, my following level still seemed pretty low. So, I recruited a friend to follow and walked him through the process. He clicked "follow" and was not a StackExchange member, so a dialog asked him to enter his email. The dialog confirmed he was following the proposal, but my follow count never went up.

  1. Does his follow count and maybe took time to propogate?
  2. If not, should it be more obvious to new users that they need to activate their accounts in order to support the cause they're following? There was no prompt to do so, except the activation email, which didn't explain much.

I've been doing work trying to bring other communities I'm a part of onto the SX network, so most of my recruits are off-network. Should I make it clear to those I'm recruiting that they have to register for a full account?

  • I can't believe nobody replied to this question! I'm also getting reports from people who followed my proposal but the count didn't increase. I think this restriction should be lifted to allow newcomers follow counts. Aug 1, 2018 at 2:40


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