To allow a proposal go to commitment, we currently need:

  • 40 example questions with 10 or more upvotes.

However, these numbers don't do it. Lets do a simple calculation:

Everyone may vote on no more than 5 questions. If a proposal get 60 followers and every follower vote a question up, we get 300 upvotes. However, this does not suffices, we need at least 400 upvotes to go to the commitment phase!

So 60 followers won't do, we will need at least 80. But this is assuming a far too optimistic scenario where every follower votes up 5 questions and we get exactly the 40 questions needed with exactly 10 votes each. No proposal behaves like this.

Many of the followers don't vote anything. Even when they do, many don't use all the votes. Further, some questions are voted beyond the 10 votes needed, which means that some people end wasting their votes where they are not needed anymore. Some questions actually get downvotes, making it harder to reach the threshold for commitment. Some questions never reach 10 upvotes, wasting precious votes that could be spent elsewhere.

So, we should really review these criteria. In the current way it is, is inconsistent (the minimum followers needed don't make enough votes even on the most optimistic case) and is way too hard to make anything go to the commitment phase.



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