When adding example questions to a new site proposal, I'm asked to wait for three minutes between posting questions. Since the questions are only the titles, and are only for the purpose of determining the scope of the site, it seems like adding multiple questions at the same time would be a common use case.

What is the purpose of the 3 minute limit?


The purpose is to force you to think.

Sure, you can make up many questions in three minutes. But are they all good questions, and are they diverse enough? The point of example questions is to give some broad coverage of the topic of the proposed site; if the questions are too much alike, they won't have the desired breadth.

That being said, the limit is now less than 3 minutes: I've been able to propose example questions at a higher rate, with as little as 69 seconds between questions. (I thought about what topics to ask about first, and then posted them in a burst, pondering only on the wording each time.) I'm guessing that the limit is now 1min, and I think that's reasonable.

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