To advance to the commit phase, unless I'm mistaken, a proposal now needs 60 followers, and 40 questions with +10 or more points.

This means it needs 400 upvotes (assuming no downvotes) on questions.

A single user may only upvote 5 questions, 400/5 makes 80, meaning you need at least 80 users to attain the questions requirement anyway. So, also asking for 60 users is kind of redundant.

(yes, a user can upvote without following, but that's such a corner case I wouldn't consider it worth of notice)

Suggestion: either drop the users requirement, or raise it to something like 120.

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It really isn't a corner case. Veteran Stack Exchange users—in the interests of not seeing another site be built up only to be shut down some time in commitment or worse, later—do periodically take a look at upcoming proposals and vote on the example questions to ensure what's getting proposed is high quality.

That is, while they may have no interest in the subject matter, the vast majority of the questions that get proposed don't require domain-specific knowledge to know whether it's going to be a good fit for the Stack Exchange engine.

That activity has no bearing on whether or not there's actual interest in the subject, which is why you need 60 people to follow the proposal. Given you need at least 200 to get to beta, there isn't really a point to making the follow requirements more strict.

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