Understanding that there are Reverse Dictionaries, they aren't very good. The proposed sight would be ideally for people to get input for a/some concrete word(s) that could define the idea that they have searched for.

e.g. Question: "Words that describe how long someone is sick before they are show symptoms" Answer: incubation

Obviously these answers are subjective, but considering people are better at understanding/translating "ideas" than computer's it'd be better than a reverse dictionary.

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This forum is to discuss proposals, not to propose new sites.

To submit a proposal, you would start at http://area51.stackexchange.com/categories/3/culture and click on the 'propose a new site' link at the bottom.

Having said that, this type of site isn't really what we do here. There are questions on our English Language & Usage site that will help users looking for proper terminology. But even then, those questions are generally considered a pretty poor addition to that site.

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