I'd like to suggest removing closed questions from proposals a certain number of days or downvotes following their closure.

With the increased number of questions required to get a proposal into commitment its hard to wade through the closed posts sometimes to find good questions to upvote. Its also distracting from the potentially good content on the proposal.

Suggestion: The likelihood of someone trying to revive and A51 question is abysmally low. Why not just have them disappear a certain period after closing. At the very least put them at the bottom.

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The closed questions still have a use: they serve as a reference for what kinds of questions should not be asked on the new site. On some of the betas I've seen, whenever there is an extended discussion on whether some topic should be allowed or not, the on/off topic questions from the Definition stage are referenced (along with relevant meta discussions since the beta opened).

Perhaps they could be made less visible than the on-topic questions so they take up less space, but I don't think deleting them is a good idea.


They should definitely be removed from the main thread, for they occupy precious real estate.

why not have a separate folder for closed questions?

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