Whilst searching for something unrelated, I found Freelance Workers which died in private beta due to lack of traffic.

Will this new proposal do any better? Adding "self employed" does widen the scope and makes certain that includes people such as myself (I consider myself a bit of both). But will that be enough? Does the scope need to be widened further? Perhaps include entrepreneurs too?

Proposal: Self Employed and Freelance Workers

  • I think that's is a good idea, would like to hear others opinions on whether that opens the scope a bit too far? Mar 19, 2012 at 21:20

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The initial proposal Freelance Workers was landed incorrectly I guess in the Life section, and hence it didn't receive the proper attention and support from the exact community.

The new one Self Employed and Freelance Workers falls under Professional category and is the right place where it should belong. Atleast, it would receive the due comments, suggestion and participation. The site content can be/would be better discussed now.

So, Yes the new proposal will do better as compared to the previous one.


At the time of closure, Freelance Workers had 0.6 questions per day. The most important thing for a new site is to seed it with good quality content and get the ball rolling on creating more quality content. Clearly, the Freelance Workers site was severely lacking in this area.

Since answers are only born from questions, it would appear that the Freelance Workers site died from a lack of questions.

For this new proposal to survive, we need to do two things:

  1. Make sure the topic is broad enough to where there will be a steady stream of great quality questions.

  2. Ensure the topic doesn't encroach the content of any other sites. For instance, we'd need to clearly separate this from sites like Project Management Stack Exchange and especially The Workplace.

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