Proposal: Sports and Fitness & Nutrition

Should this be merged? I think these have a lot in common and both sites would benefit in being bigger and having more users. Tags can be used to follow only certain interests.

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The Sports proposal site is mostly about the participation and intrest in competitive activities, not in the benefits of "physical fitness."

Even the top-voted questions of that proposal don't fit interests of physical fitness.

  • How does the ATP (Tennis) ranking work?
  • Where did the name 'soccer' originate, as in the country it originated it has always been called 'football'?
  • In cricket what if both batsman ends up at the same end and at the other end someone hits the stumps. Who is out?
  • I noticed while watching a soccer game after the 90 minutes were up they continued playing for a few more minutes. Why is that?
  • This question could also belong in the Sports Facts, Rules & History Q&A proposal.
  • What are the origins of ?
  • What is the reason for x rule in y sport?

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