Proposal: Sports

When I got the merge announcement today, and I read these points:

We believe this proposal, as stated, is a subset of another proposal per the following guidelines:

  • Almost all X questions are on-topic for site Y
  • If Y already exists, it already has a tag for X, and nobody is complaining
  • You're not creating such a big group that you don't have enough experts to answer all > possible questions
  • There's a high probability that users of site Y would enjoy seeing the occasional question about X

..., I first thought, that the Running Proposal was merged with Fitness and Nutrition. I discovered upon reading the rest of the mail, that this was not the case.

The tag already exists on F&N, so what should be the general policy: keep Running in F&N or migrate all questions to Sports?

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When I first approached some of the followers of the "Running" proposal, they passionately corrected my misunderstanding that their participation in the Running proposal was for physical fitness. They were much more interested in the athletic participation in the competitive SPORT of running; so I left it be.

If you are interested in the morning jog to keep in good shape, join the Fitness & Nutrition site. If you are interested in competitive running, bring your questions to the soon-to-be opened Sports Stack Exchange.

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    So we're considered the casual workout corner?!?
    – Ivo Flipse
    Commented Feb 8, 2012 at 19:32

I don't think Running fits the first requirement:

  • Almost all X questions are on-topic for site Y

I suspect that there are too many running questions that are not on-topic for Fitness & Nutrition. For many people, running is not just about the fitness aspect.

However, I'm a bit concerned that being subsumed by Sports will make the aspects of running that are primarily focused on fitness and nutrition off-topic, thereby artificially splitting the running community.


F&N has a more "Healthy Aspect" when it comes to running/sport questions.

Running questions that are related to F&N will probably continue to stay there.

I believe that a more professional aspect of running questions, such that are related to Marathoners/Ultra Runnerrs/Long Distance - (of which is dificult to say is a healthy thing) will probably go into the Sports Site.

  • This is a misconception we should change - F&N is about fitness at all levels, and we've had a ton of questions about marathons and half-marathons too.
    – VPeric
    Commented Feb 23, 2012 at 16:05

My understanding of the Running site that it would get all the running related questions from F&N - approx. 1/6 of the questions right now - and then extend with the running related questions that does not belong in F&N. E.g. questions about gear, locations, etc.

It is going to be interesting if the split group is going to work :-)

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