Proposal: Library & Information Science

There has been some discussion about the naming and scope of what used to be the Libraries proposal (and is now the Library and Information Science proposal).

There are a few (at least) people who are concerned that naming it Library and Information Science (LIS) would mean that it is focusing purely on the theoretical and scientific application side of things, rather than also including the actual day-to-day issues that come up in actual physical libraries.

While I can see a need for both groups to have a home on Stack Exchange, I do not see why they have to be two totally different sites. If nothing else, I am not entirely sure that there would be enough questions and information for each site to be separately viable.

Would it work better, perhaps, to name it Libraries and Information Science? The pluralization of Libraries might better indicate that it is a site focused both on the theoretical and scientific aspect of libraries (the LIS component), and on Libraries (meaning the lending institutions).

I know that Libraries was initially proposed to be a direct replacement of Unshelved Answers, and would then be more focused on the issues and questions related to the lending institutions, not the LIS side of things (as it currently seems), but I think that a simple name change might be the way to make both groups into one cohesive unit.

  • i agree with you and i think the new site should be LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE, which would help the library users to know about the tech part and the technology enthusiasts to know about the ground reality of library, which in turn would help each group know about each other and speedy development in the field of libraries, archiving and information science. Thank you Jan 18, 2012 at 15:42

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I made the change. It's a somewhat minor correction, but I see your point. The site was never meant to reside in the purely theoretical. It can just as easily contain Q&A for librarians and the administration of libraries as well as the academic field of Information Science.

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