The FAQ says:

Interested users are asked to digitally "sign" the proposal with their full name to help assure that site will have an active community in those critical early days. While your full name is never shown, you may add an optional comment which is displayed alongside your username in the list of committers. To ensure that commitment is taken seriously, you may only commit to three sites at any one time.

In which way does using my real name assure there will be an active community?
As far as I can say, what reported as real name is not even checked. I could enter kiamlaluno as real name, and I would not get any error message, saying (for example) that I am expected to enter at least two words. That what actually done in my commitments, as I thought what asked as real name was going to be used to create the user account when the proposal reached the private beta phase.


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It doesn't ASSURE anything. Adding your name doesn't claim to. It just a user-exerpience-y way to raise the bar just a bit to give you pause from the typical button-pushing you do all over the Internet.

"Do you agree to...? —Yeah, yeah, whatever <click> <click> <click>"

It says, "We're looking for a bit more than a button push here." We're asking you to 'digitally sign' and think about what you are committing to… as best as we can without swearing out a notarized affidavit and hunting you down if you do not comply.

What further checking are you suggesting, and what purpose would a "no, no we meant your REAL name" error really serve?

  • I mean that the form is asking my "full name to help assure that site will have an active community in those critical early days," but then I could enter "xyz"; the "workflow" is then: yeah, yeah, [random characters or my full name], [click], [click], [click]. Once users understand they can enter random characters, they will probably do that for the future proposals. I am asking this question simply for the fact I was wondering if anything wrong happened to the proposal I committed, when I entered kiamlaluno as full name.
    – apaderno
    Jan 10, 2012 at 19:43
  • 3
    @kiamlaluno: I'm saying if it looks like people are entering random crap, that tells us we have to institute even more barriers to get these sites created to account for people who may not be acting in good faith. It's not like we're going to shut down the whole process while we figure out how to deal with "kiamlaluno" entering a fake name. We just didn't feel it was necessary to anticipate problems and add layers of complexity for it. Jan 10, 2012 at 20:47

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