I have no problem if too less traffic for this site, but there are proposals twice as old and not gaining any new followers or questions in the same period of nov-dec, who are still not deleted, like the super-duper speculative and terrible singularity proposal or nanotechnology. Future studies is a topic many universities do research.

At least you could give a warning or info by email to the proposer that its going to be deleted so he can save the info and questions for a better proposal.

Also other questions from me got deleted not belonging to futurology despite highly upvoted and no off-topic claim for weeks. I'm aware you dont like critical guys like me who will say their opinion, but simply deleting posts, seemingly for personal reasons shows no credibility. Probably my account gets deleted next...

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The maintenance process used to delete "abandoned" proposals is extremely conservative. A proposal is only removed it it has absolutely NO activity whatsoever for a month or two. That means no new questions, no voting, no new comments… absolutely nothing.

So what if an older proposal had a bit of activity which kept it from being deleted? Nobody's picking on you.

The Futurology proposal had no activity at all since the end of November. It had 17 followers over the last four months and no one has voted on a single question since September. That doesn't mean it was a horrible proposal. We simply do not currently have the audience to support it. That's why it was removed.

Meta questions are removed when they no longer seem relevant once the associated proposals are removed. This isn't an archive of knowledge like Stack Exchange where we want to preserve the knowledge forever. At some point, it's only clutter.

I restored the Futurology proposal. Pick off whatever questions you would like to save. I'll keep the proposal up for a few days to let you save what you need. Let me know if you need anything else.

Futurology & Future studies

  • thanks, fine. Besides I still think you then should overthink your criterions, especially for the less frequented proposals with few followers at the bottom of the area51 pages. You should start to push or advertise proposals like nanotechnology and biology more, the main problem is, that not really many people see this proposal at all, if they reach a distinct limit, alot followers join within short period of time, as it happened with biology.SE Commented Jan 5, 2012 at 14:33

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