Proposal: Sexuality

In one of the first SE 2.0 sites, a meta question was asked about whether adult web applications are allowed. The answer given was:

No, I don't think we want this, as it would cause us to get globally banned from web filtering software.

So including adult links, or even mentioning adult sites by name, is explicitly not allowed.

-- Jeff Atwood answered Jul 11 '10 at 19:41

In a follow-up question, the content policy was quoted:

Our Content Policy reads:

Sexually Explicit Material. Accounts that use Stack Exchange to post sexually explicit or pornographic material, or links to it, will be suspended.

-- Joel Spolsky answered Jul 12 '10 at 22:31

Does this still apply? I welcome having a site to talk about sexuality but does its existence on the stackexchange.com domain affect the filtering for other SE sites?

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Yes, these policies are still in effect. Which you can verify by reading our policy at any time. If/when changes are made, the new policy will be clearly indicated.

For private beta, the site will start out on the stackexchange.com domain. Recall that during private beta, the site is not indexed by search engines, or linked to publicly within the Stack Exchange network.

If the site makes it to public beta, then just prior to the switch to public beta, we will move the site off to its own domain.

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