Most SE sites have their own meta site. It can be reached by clicking on the "meta" link on the top right. On Area51, however, there is no "meta" link, and the tag area51-meta is supposed to be used instead. For consistency's sake, it would really be best if there were a meta link which either linked to "Please look at tag area51-meta" or redirected, or better yet, both.

  • It is somehow like a per-site meta already. the reputations aren't lost here. At least this is the case for me. Nov 3, 2020 at 0:24

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I am fine if the link in Area 51 is not changed from discuss, but actually the discussion site for Area 51 is not different from a meta site for a Stack Exchange 2.0 site. In fact, in a Stack Exchange 2.0 site:

  • the main site is for questions about the topic assigned to the site
  • the meta site is (also) for discussions about the questions that have been asked on the main site, or that could be asked

In Area 51:

  • the main site is for proposals of new Stack Exchange sites
  • the discussion site is (also) for discussions about the proposals

I wrote (also) because, in both the cases, I could ask in the meta/discussion site a question about a bug I have seen in the main site.

It could help if the link on Area 51 were meta, instead of discuss as it is now. Maybe more users would ask here questions that are now being asked on Meta Stack Overflow.
Of course, questions that are valid for any Stack Exchange site, including Area 51, should be asked on Meta Stack Overflow, while questions specific for Area 51 should be asked here (e.g. "Why don't I see the proposals to which I have committed in my user profile, once the proposals have been closed?").

This very site has been called the discussion site for "historical" reasons. In fact, for a while Meta Stack Overflow was considered the meta site for Area 51; that is the reason why Jeff Atwood corrected the Meta Stack Overflow's FAQ to report it was the FAQ for Area 51 too. (See What is the place to ask questions about Area 51? and the answers for that question.)
Later, discussion.area51.stackexchange.com has been considered the only place to ask questions about Area 51. (See the answer from Robert Cartaino in What is the division of labor between MSO and the area51-meta tag on Area 51?)

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