There's a hiccup in the date display for the Biology site, or I've missed out on some criterion that the site has yet to fulfill.

On Area 51, the site is listed in the bright blue box as being in beta for 5 days. When I look on my profile for the site, it says:

visited 7 days, 7 consecutive

Realizing that it's just entering day "#7" by 8 hours or so, but why is there a discrepancy between the two counts?

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On that first day, the site is listed as having been in beta for "0 days."

But your 'visited days' are counted from day one. So, when you visit the site for the first time, you already have "visited 1 consecutive day(s)."

So how is the count off by two?

The day count in 'consecutive days' is based on the UTC timezone. So here in the US (for example), you can visit again late in the day and have started your second consecutive day (i.e. "visited 2 consecutive days") ... and still, the site is in beta on it's first day -- "in beta 0 days".

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