I've just seen a raft of commitments to the business intelligence proposal from accounts all created about a day ago. Many of them look a bit dodgy. Any way to see if they might be sock puppet accounts or maybe flag to mods for closer attention?

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These accounts were brought to our attention yesterday. After some digging, it appears that this entire firm has opted to commit to the proposal. Given that their firm is a business intelligence boutique, and that about half the company is engineers, my guess would be that one/more of them either heard of or uses Stack Overflow and saw one of the side-bar ads for Business Intelligence, and then passed around an intraoffice memo.

We'll keep an eye on the accounts in case our detective work is wrong, but for now we're not concerned. If you all notice problems with these users please let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, I daresay this is a good sign that this proposal has a lot of potential value!

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