How many days should the beta last? And how is stackExchange going to determine if the proposal passed or failed?

I know they're evaluating 5 items

  • # Questions per day
  • % Answered
  • Avid users / total users
  • Answer ratio
  • visit/day

Does each and every item of this list has to be in the "Excellent" range? or is it fine if it has some Okays or maybe even one "Needs work" ?

I guess there is also a minimum period of time that the beta has to hold the minimum threshold, do you know what it is?

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Short answer, the beta should get a "critical mass" of users. And following the Debian credo, it's ready when it's ready. A SE website may linger in beta for as long as it takes to become viable.

These questions are addressed in the following blog posts:

See also:

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