I'd like to commit to the new Scientific Computing proposal, but the page says I'm committed to the maximum of three proposed sites. One of the sites is in public beta. I really don't have any questions for it, or know any good answers. Although it's a topic of interest at other times, I'm just not going to be active on it for now, maybe ever.

It's basically a nice site to have around in case I need it someday, so I wanted to, in a sense, upvote or support it, but I won't be a significant ongoing user during beta. I have misunderstood the nature of commitment, perhaps, as a way of saying "yes!" to a good site idea.

Is there a way to "drop out" of that other site so I can commit to the S.C. proposal, which is of more current relevance and where I can be much more active?

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AFAIK commitment is the obligation to help animate the site in beta phase. Without this help the site could not survive even private beta. Allowing to withdraw commitment after the beta started would be against the reason the commitment was introduced.

You can withdraw your commitment from one of the sites that haven't started as beta.


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