Proposal: Typst

69 followers in 4 days is a lot (the quickest I've ever seen), and among the 'recent followers,' only one person is a member on other SE sites.

Although many of the questions seem reasonable enough, the description looks a bit spammy:

Proposed Q&A site for users of the state-of-the-art typesetter Typst, which is vowing to become the successor of (La)TeX.

Perhaps I'm completely wrong/misguided; I do wonder, however, whether this is a legitimate proposal (i.e. real and distinct genuine users following and asking questions, and not solely affiliated with the group behind "Typst".)

Any input?

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    Almost all of the followers follow the naming pattern of [standard English first name] [standard English surname] and have done exactly the minimum action to achieve 51 rep. This stinks of a fraudulent proposal.
    – Nij
    Feb 10 at 6:14
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    I hope those users wouldn't affect it, because I genuinely want to see the site exist. Regarding 51 rep users, I checked PLDI and there are lots of users like this too
    – ice1000
    Feb 15 at 0:26
  • A surge of followers isn't a problem in and of itself -- Drones and Model Aircraft got ~400 followers in a single day after it was featured on a Youtube channel. The concerning thing here is the naming pattern: there's usually a mix of "real name" and "screen name" users in any group, where every name here follows the "real name" pattern.
    – Mark
    Feb 15 at 1:01
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    The "the state-of-the-art typesetter" part should definitely be toned down. It's objectively not the state of the art yet, although it has the potential to be one in the future.
    – Trebor
    Feb 15 at 3:52
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    FWIW I am a co-founder of Typst and learned about this in my emails just now. As surprised as you are. Feel free to make the description more matter-of-factly to fit in with the other sites
    – Martin
    Feb 15 at 7:08
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    No it is not. It is entirely propped up by sock-puppet accounts and will end up deleted. Don't bother wasting your time with this proposal.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Feb 18 at 7:12
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    Such a sad result from the point of view of real SE users like me who think a SE site for Typst would be a nice idea (if it gains enough popularity). But completely agree that if most follows and questions are from fake accounts, this proposal serves no real purpose. Would it be possible to just ban/remove the fake accounts and leave those which obviously are real?
    – Paapaa
    Feb 19 at 7:37
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    @Paapaa No. It has always been our policy to close a proposal that has large-scale fraudulent voting because it's impossible to truly "reset" its activity and stats with the way our proposal system is designed, and it will always leave a proposal with an unfair advantage. So unfortunately when this arises, it means the legitimate users lose out and need to start over.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Feb 20 at 3:44
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    @animuson Is there any particular reason why it still hasn't been closed yet? We have some people clamoring. Feb 23 at 19:17
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    @animuson why not close it right now instead of wasting everyone's time? That is what you did in the past when you suspected fraud. It looks like I wasted time on this proposal because you were too slow to close it or to make it clear that it will be closed. Feb 24 at 22:37

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"69 followers in 4 days is a lot (the quickest I've ever seen)"

69 in 4 days is not an indication of fraud. Some proposals like Prof Assistants completed the whole process in a couple days, and the Drones proposal got several hundred people to join within a day when Josh Bardwell advertised the site proposal on YouTube.

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    69 users is not an indication of fraud. 69 users with identical histories and similar naming patterns is.
    – Mark
    21 hours ago
  • The quote was: "69 followers in 4 days is a lot (the quickest I've ever seen)", to which I gave a perfectly reasonable response. Your comment is completely irrelevant, because no one said anything about identical histories and similar naming patterns in the original sentence to which I was responding. 21 hours ago

While there are a number of suspicious followers, there are also legit users.

In reddit someone told that this spike in followers numbers may be caused by the post about the proposal in Typst discord.

Lots of people there didn't have a SE account, so they have just signed up and followed the proposal.

I would rather wait and see, if thr proposal will be able to move to the next stage.

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