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So far, in our small sampling, it looks like more of our followers prefer the questions looking for details in keeping the Noahide laws. Whereas the more practical questions are getting downvotes.

I'm a new user of Stack Exchange still trying to learn the site and have found a lot of questions (and answers) I think are good and useful get downvoted, criticized in the comments, moved, or closed altogether. I removed my own questions from the proposal due to the downvotes, and since there were no suggestions I had no way of knowing if the questions really were that bad or someone had other reasons.

What types of questions are we looking for on the Noahide proposal?

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Since I'm the submitter of the site proposal, I should clarify that it was a very deliberate decision to name it “Noahide Community” instead of “Noahide Laws”.

Obviously, the technical details of the Seven Laws of Noah should be on topic. But I also wanted to cover any practical issues that self-identified Noahides have that come with being a religious minority:

  • May/should you attend religious services at a Jewish synagogue? And if so, how should you act while you're there.
  • Are we allowed to attend an office Christmas party? (After all, it's not really a religious celebration, but an excuse to get drunk.)
  • What implications do the Noahide Laws have for medical decision?
  • How do you explain what “I am a Noahide” means to Christian family members, co-workers, etc.?
  • If you get married, who should officiate the wedding? A Rabbi? A Noahide clergyman? A secular judge?
  • When you die, where do you get buried, if you don't qualify for the Jewish synagogue?
  • Can a non-Jew immigrate to Israel?
  • How can Noahides engage in outreach efforts? Should we do like the Christians and have missionaries standing on streets or in parking lots asking random strangers “Have you found Moses?”
  • What prayer book do you use, if you can't in sincerity use a Christian one (because of the potential idolatry) nor a Jewish siddur (because many references to “our fathers” or “as we were commanded” would be false)? (Edit: This one was withdrawn as an example question due to being a “poll” question.)

In contrast, discussions that would NOT be on topic are:

  • Questions about specifically Jewish mitzvot (e.g. Shabbat or Shatnez), history, or culture. These belong on Mi Yodeya.
    • However, questions about Noahides' interactions with Jews would be allowed.
  • Biblical Hermeneutics questions, unless specifically about the Noahide Laws.
  • Religious debates/comparisons.
  • Personal advice unrelated to the Noahide Laws or Noahide community involvement.
  • Speculative or opinion-based questions (e.g., “Do you think Noahide beliefs will become more or less popular in the future?”)
  • Spam, trolling, etc., that doesn't belong on any SE site.

I understand that being the proposer of a Stack Exchange site does not mean having absolute control over its content, so perhaps other followers of this proposal may disagree. If there is a dispute over this...well, the site is still in the Definition phase, so let's discuss and define it. We may need to modify the proposal's description.

Personally, I thought that all of your questions were perfectly fine, and recommend that you undelete them.

Stack Exchange in general tends to frown on “personal advice”, so you may have to frame questions in more technical terms that you're used to on other online forums. That is, instead of asking “May/should I do this?”, ask “Would it violate this particular Noahide Law if I did this?”

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