Proposal: Programming Language Design

Currently we've had multiple questions posted asking for recommendations of books, blogs, or other resources relating to our site's topic, including:

In the second of these, AviFS brings up that these questions are common and successful on Mathematics. I think there could be some value in allowing these sorts of questions (and I've seen books on, e.g., compiler design IRL, so it's not too niche of a topic for plenty of material to exist).

While questions asking for "good" books/blogs/resources about a topic are necessarily subjective, it's not really the kind of subjectivity that is harmful to question and answer quality, as can be seen on Math.

Should these be on-topic, and if so, should we have any rules surrounding them?

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Those types of questions might work ... but are going to [likely] require a lot of curation/maintenance

Sure, you have blogs like The Old New Thing that's been going for years. Or Julia Evans' blog. And Dan Luu.

But you also have blogs that were great, then get retired, or link rot, etc

You also have questions like this one on SO that's been closed for years because it's a horrible question for the format of SO (and, generally, for the whole SE network)

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