If I want to start a site about XYZing, do I have to start an XYZing community myself before submitting the proposal, or is it okay for me to join an existing XYZing forum and post about the possibility of starting an SE site, get interest there, and use that forum topic as the existing community link?

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You can work with an existing community, but joining one for the sole purpose of starting an SE site is unlikely to be well-received by either the community or by SE.

Successfully launching an SE site requires several hundred people, which in turn requires drawing on an existing community of at least several thousand. As a newcomer to such a community, it's nearly certain that you'd be unable to generate the enthusiasm needed to get more than a dozen or so participants.

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    So it would be better to be active in the community for a while, then suggest it, right? That way I would also have a better idea of what people might ask about, and be better able to explain how SE's format could fit the community.
    – Someone
    Aug 10, 2022 at 0:50

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