The criteria to go from Private Beta to Public beta are not clear to me. The answers I have found are vague and very old:

  • Private Beta Requirements: 9-years-old question (2013) and not a single response! Only this comment: "It's 150 high-quality questions, but I can't find a resource for that"...
  • How to help a proposal enter public beta: 10-years-old question (2011) and the single response says; "the best way to help the site launch is to raise your personal rep on other SE sites" but does not provide any reference and the author is not an admin/staff.
  • Why do some betas end early?: 8-years-old question (2012) and the single response is very vague:

Beta sites can be closed at any time when it's become clear that the beta won't produce a site that is contributing useful content at the appropriate level for SE. This is a decision made by the community team. Private betas are especially scrutinized for both quality and quantity, and won't be allowed to go public if they aren't up to par.

Questions: Is there any clear criteria to go from Private to Public Beta? If yes, what are they? Has the rules changed over the last years?

I open a new question because the ones I linked above are so old and the policy is likely to have changed, so we need a relatively recent response from either the SE staffs or from people who had been in Private Beta.



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