Graphical User Interfaces will never lose their importance since most software is - at some end - supposed to be used by humans. Automating interactions with GUI's is a crucial activity in many modern software engineering processes to conduct different types of UI-testing or to simply automate a large number of recurring UI-tasks, such as inputting data or checking provided data.

The importance of UI Automation is reflected by having numerous free and open-source frameworks as well as many proprietary products:

  • Microsoft UI Automation Framework
  • Appium / Selenium
  • Teststack White
  • TestComplete
  • ...

Here a more comprehensive list can be found.

UI Automation and testing is a highly layer-rich and broad field, which heavily relies on the experience of developers working there. A forum, to make this experience visible is highly appreciated.

That's why I would recommend to open a dedicated StackExchange site dealing with the topic of UI Automation and UI Testing.

What is your opinion about that?

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I think this is a duplicate of the existing Software Quality Assurance and Testing site (there are seven Selenium or Appium tags on the first page of the tag list).

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