My proposal for an Agriculture site was removed due to lack of activity, to which I agree. I would have liked to have a bit more time to fix it. I'm pretty sure it was less than 30 days after submitting that the proposal was closed, which filled up my inbox with confused messages from the Karkuma community (that I activated too late apparently).

I see no other listed reasons, and I see no possibility to follow the advice given in the answer here: Closed proposals doesn't have a chance to reopen?

How does the system work in this case? Is there any way I can put in some effort to make it happen anyway?

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Proposals that do not meet the minimum activity requirements after 3 days on the site are automatically deleted, not closed. This is done to prevent the list from being flooded with proposals that never went anywhere, oftentimes because someone proposed a site without understanding the requirements to get it started.

A proposal can be closed by moderator action, becoming inactive, or spending too long on the site without reaching the next phase. Closed proposals stick around for 30 days before being deleted to explain why it has been closed to all the people who participated in the proposal to that point. This stage is generally unnecessary for a proposal that never met the minimum activity requirements, because it would have had fewer than five people.

  • thank you for your answer, it's very clear to me now what I did wrong :) would you mind elaborating a bit on what to do to try again?
    – iwein
    May 3 at 6:11

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