Proposal: Mass Spectrometry

Many questions about mass-spectrometry would arguably be on topic at Chemistry Stack Exchange. Most of the questions deal with it being used as a tool. I also see that chemistry in itself does not attract the experts in this fields and I think more specialised questions remain unanswered, sometimes unread and not understood. (I'm speaking mostly for myself here.)

Support for this proposal is currently being "discussed" on their meta site: What's Chemistry.SE take on Mass Spectrometry being proposed on Area 51?

I also see overlap with other science sites, so this question would probably apply there, too, from still another perspective.

Such questions would probably benefit from a more specialised, more interdisciplinary site. In the long run adjacent sites, especially Chemistry Stack Exchange, would also benefit from such a site. (I am not giving examples here since it is not about these sites.)

Since this proposal is currently in definition, is it okay to use asked questions from already existing sites as example questions?

  • If you can't think of enough good questions to develop the proposal without copying from an existing site, you are proving that not only is the proposal insufficiently supported to result in a successful community with quality content, but that it is also a duplicate of an existing site and should be closed anyway.
    – Nij
    Mar 4 at 20:54
  • @Nij, I am not sure that statement is totally correct. I think there might be some other sites (Chemistry) that have questions related to the topic of this proposal (and which may be better suited to a site like this one), which are posed in the other sites because they have no other alternative. Mar 4 at 20:57
  • There doesn't need to be an alternative. If the question is on-topic there, that is where it should be asked. Your point would have meaning if they were only asked there because chemistry is the most subject-space-adjacent site and yet such questions were still off-topic there, but, that's not the case.
    – Nij
    Mar 4 at 20:59
  • 2
    @Nij Wow, I'm almost speechless by your comment. I think it is harsh and completely unbalanced. I also think you have the wrong audience in mind. And if such questions remain unanswered on their currently asked site it kind of proves the opposite. I personally also think you should have posted this as an answer, so that other people at least have the opportunity to disagree with you via vote. Mar 4 at 21:01
  • Harsh because it's based on the how topicality on Stack Exchange (Area 51 especially) must work? Unbalanced because you haven't got a rebuttal to the simple fact that questions within the topic of an existing site demonstrate the lack of need for this one?
    – Nij
    Mar 4 at 21:05
  • 4
    @Nij No. Harsh, because you have decided to post a comment and hence have demonstrated that you do not care to actually have a discussion or voice a reasonable concern. Harsh, as your comment was never intended to improve either the proposal or the question itself. Harsh as it is borderline rude. Unbalanced, because I think you are looking at it from a single, very narrow angle of view, which is mostly based on a technicality without taking the actual proposal into account. Mar 4 at 21:31

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I am going to say "maybe".

One of the purposes of the "definition" stage is to distinguish a proposal from existing sites. If you take too many of your questions from an existing site, it's a strong indication that the proposal isn't distinct enough. On the other hand, if you take questions that have been closed for being "off topic", it's a strong indication that the proposed site covers ground that the existing site doesn't.


I am going to say "yes" to this question, specifically since we are in the Definition stage where we are establishing scope and not actually asking questions that are to be answered.

  • 1
    I needed to update the question, maybe you would want to update your answer, too. Mar 4 at 21:40

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