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Can someone please describe the ways that a user can contribute to the Bioacoustics Stack Exchange Proposal, and the general steps involved in each?


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For the COMMIT Stage, we are gathering our community members who will help out Beta site get off the ground! It is important that our community learns how the Stack Exchange platform works-- and so the primary hurdle of the 'COMMIT' stage is to have at least 100 users that have >200 points on any other Stack Exchange Site. How can you best participate?

  • Be sure you are REGISTERED and sync your profile to an existing profile on Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow Need more help?
  • Earn reputation points on any other Stack Exchange Site. By asking good questions and giving good answers, you can learn how to use the platform, and earn reputation points that will help our proposal and future Bioacoustics Stack Exchange Site.
  • Invite Colleagues. We are not yet advertising broadly, but please invite colleagues to join our proposal, and help them earn reputation points.
  • Check in weekly. Check in weekly on the proposal and to see if you have comments or answers for your Stack Exchange questions.
  • Prepare your Bioacoustics Questions. Once we fulfill our COMMIT requirements, we will begin the Private Beta with high quality Bioacoustics Questions/Answers that will set the stage for our Public Beta site. To fulfill your COMMITMENT, each user is to ask/answer 10 questions for our beta.
  • Is there anything we can do about folks we see that have committed but are unregistered/not linked to an existing Stack Exchange Site? (Maybe this should be a new question)
    – selene
    Mar 16, 2022 at 14:43
  • If we do not know who they are-- I"m not sure there is much we can do?
    – Shannon
    Mar 16, 2022 at 16:03

The purpose of the DEFINE stage is to identify which questions are ON TOPIC and which questions are OFF TOPIC for our future site. Each person has 5 up votes for Good Questions, and they can also downvote questions they think are OFF TOPIC. How can you best participate?

  • Be sure you are REGISTERED and sync your profile to an existing profile on Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange. Need more help?
  • Scroll down and Vote up!! There are a lot of good questions further down on the list that deserve recognition. We need to identify the SCOPE of our site– so we need your help identifying a wide range of questions that are On Topic!
  • Ask Questions! During this phase we want to identify the SCOPE of our site. To do so, we need a diversity of questions, including questions that are off topic! Remember these are example questions to define SCOPE, we do not answer our questions (YET!)
  • Join in the Conversation! Some questions provoke discussion. During the DEFINE stage of the proposal, we do not answer questions, but we do discuss them.
  • Come Back for More! Revisit the proposal periodically as we get more questions. You may move your votes around, comment, and eventually we will move onto the next stage of the proposal, where we will need your participation again!

Still have questions? You can visit the FAQ or comment here, and one of us will get back to you!

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