Our proposal for an Exchange site for Immutable X was closed “as a duplicate of Ethereum”. However, our protocol is a completely independent layer 2 technology and requires a customised smart contract. Immutable X is not a subject but an organisation specialising in scaling solutions for NFTs - https://www.immutable.com. We have also attempted to search for “Immutable X" within the live Ethereum Exchange site with no results indicating that it is not in the scope of the Ethereum site.

Other companies within our industry including Cardano and Solana have both successfully launched Exchange sites.

Can we please have further clarification from a moderator as to why our proposal was closed? Any help would be appreciated.

  • another senseless attack... he is asking why they closed the proposal, NOT reproposing it.
    – Dante S.
    9 hours ago

We are absolutely not intested in supporting more layer 2 technologies in this area and further splintering communities using similar techs. While it is far off, we ultimately hope to start merging these sites into one as we do not view them as distinct, sustainable sites that warrant being separated.

If these questions cannot be asked on Ethereum, then unfortunately Stack Exchange is not the place for them at this time.

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