Proposal: Bible Applications

It seems to me that Scriptural Applications may be a better title for this proposal.

It may have to define what books or texts are to be considered on topic.

This would make it clear as to what religions and/or denominations would be interested in on this site.

For one thing, not all of the books of the Church of the Latter Day Saints are not normally included in the Christian Bible (as being considered by the vast majority of Christians).

I believe the Jewish Canon would be on topic.

The Orthodox and Catholic Canons should considered be on topic.

The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi might be considered off-topic.

Perhaps, I misreading something here but would like some clarity here.

  • This to me just highlights how dangerous it is to have unscoped questions. Non-Trinitarians already frequently feel harassed on Christianity.SE. Imagine how they'd be when there are no scopes and so they can validly present their answers and applications, but then be targeted by everyone else. Either that or the site explicitly has to limit itself to the Bible (but which canon?), and then upset those with extra texts. Nov 24 at 23:42
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    Christians aren't the only people with "scripture". Look at Hinduism Stack Exchange to see the kind of questions that would be appropriate for a "scriptural applications" site. In theory, that site expects all answers to contain scriptural quotations. Nov 25 at 15:59

as I mentioned to some of your colleagues, it is invaluable to have people with your level of experience in moderating on these sites helping to shape and guide the process. As I mentioned to Peter, “Bible” is a simpler and more recognizable term for most people and we hope to draw in as many people as possible by keeping it as understandable and user friendly as we can. https://area51.meta.stackexchange.com/a/32642/216376

I also explained why I think it is important to narrow the scope of principle authority to Jerome’s 66 canonical books. That being said, I would not want to disqualify answers that quote ecclesiastical books or scholars writing about the Bible. It should just be understood that they don’t carry the same authoritative weight. People frequently quote commentaries on the existing sites.

Obviously Mormons are free to ask questions about the Bible here as much as anyone else. But the Book of Mormon would not be accepted as a competing authority to scripture. Most of the people on the Hindu site, are Hindus and it is Muslims who respect the authority of the Quran that mostly frequent the Islamic site. Same concept applies to Mi Yodeya. So on a Bible Application site, I think we should assume that the site is mostly for people who accept the authority of the Bible as a guide for their lives.

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