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A couple of people said that they had problems registering as a follower on the new Bible Applications site. They were assigned a number and their reputation was not transferred over. One said this "I tried logging into Area 51 for the new site, signed up for the emails of its progress, after which it would not allow me to register. I sent a message for tech support and got directed to some site that only adds to my confusion and does not help at all. So I'm essentially locked out of participation at 'Bible Applications' (username not found)." Can anyone here help with this or direct us where to go to get help?

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    Area51 is notoriously buggy for these registrations, whether for brand new users or those linking their main stackexchange accounts, see here. I think contacting tech support and posting here is the right idea. Unfortunately, since it seems to be just sporadic bugs with the site, its tough to know how to help without very specific details of the errors they are getting (e.g. what was the error message for "not allow me to register", what didn't work about the help link).
    – Tyberius
    Nov 22 at 15:22
  • @Tyberius Due to the persistence and diligence of Martin in seeking answers for me, I managed to login as my site-wide user via incognito mode. However, I now have a couple issues, including that my rep did not transfer in, and that I still have the second, user######, username tied to the proposal I'm following. My site-wide user (Polyhat) is not listed on the proposal page, which still has the other user instead. How can I transfer/convert/merge that one to my actual ID?
    – Polyhat
    Nov 23 at 14:57
  • @Polyhat I think this post describes the merging process to combine you with this user## account (or remove it if you don't want it). You seem to have found jmite's post about rep not registering. I can't see on the following page, but that 101 may just be your rep on Area 51, which is distinct from the combined rep from other sites that should be shown on the actual proposal.
    – Tyberius
    Nov 23 at 15:08
  • @Tyberius The actual proposal shows my user216938 name that was unregistered. It has not yet updated to my site-wide name (Polyhat). If it won't update, what can I do? Delete it and start over on the follow? I tried clicking to follow the proposal as Polyhat, but the system is apparently smart enough to recognize, despite incognito mode, that I am that other user. So the follow tally did not increase, nor did Polyhat get added to the list--which still has user216938.
    – Polyhat
    Nov 23 at 15:22
  • @Polyhat Then I suppose you either need to get logged into user216938, unfollow, and then refollow with Polyhat; or get the SE community managers to merge the two accounts.
    – Tyberius
    Nov 23 at 16:00

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