Proposal: Uniswap

@animusen closed the uniswap proposal within hours of its creation. We've got >3,000 average weekly new users on discord looking for support, >500k followers on twitter, and generally massive technical support requests that are far beyond what is standard in open source software. General etherum dev questioms do not overlap with uniswap dev questions, as Ethereum is a general purpose environment - and the Uniswap protocol is a specific application within that environment. Its like saying MAX/MSP discussion is already covered by an OSX stack exchange. Is there a petition process for prematurely closed proposals?


No, there's not. Uniswap is already on-topic and well-covered by the Ethereum site because it is specific to Ethereum. We are not interested in splitting off cryptography topics even more than they already are.

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    @animusen There might be some context missing here - the original uniswap protocol justifiably existed within the ethereum stack exchange, but the suite of products and topics under the uniswap umbrella has expanded considerably into areas that are easily considered tertiary, if not wholly separate from ethereum i.e., the routing API, layer 2 deployments, documentation etc. There are also three protocol versions and entirely separate SDK versions for devs to sift though before finding their solutions - mixing all this in with general ethereum wont help people. Oct 12 '21 at 13:06

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