Proposal: United States Air Force

Please do not disregard the community requirement when submitting a proposal. When you submitted this proposal for a site, you were asked to demonstrate that you already had an audience ready to actively build it. See Changes to the Area 51 Process and the minimum number of people for a successful proposal. Thank you.

Our proposal was only up for less than an hour before removal. The process states we would have three days. I'm not fully understanding why we were so quickly removed, when we are a force of 380,000. Our audience is ready to actively build it. I'm attempting to understand why we weren't given the 3 days like the process mentions.

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    As mentioned in the linked post, we require an already developed community that is interested in a Q&A site - the three days is not relevant to that requirement. Just linking to a military website is not a demonstration of a pre-existing community. Do you have some sort of forum or other channel where members of the Air Force are already actively communicating with each other? You have already once before suggested a more generic Military Q&A site that failed to gain any traction at all, and this isn't the place to keep trying to do the same thing and hoping for better results.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Sep 9 at 2:12
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have a better understanding and didn't think about the previous attempt on my part and how this would look to be a mirror'd attempt.
    – Mac Wayne
    Sep 9 at 4:44
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    I have a better understanding surrounding the entire process after you mentioned the linking of the website. Where I thought providing a larger scoped organization would be more desired, it's the smaller, more involved community that needs to be identified that will be engaging our proposal. My team was going to push to our network of innovators that exceeds several thousand, but now it makes more sense to preload everyone's understanding of their involvement, then coordinate to see if we can cultivate enough interest instead of the other way around.
    – Mac Wayne
    Sep 9 at 4:51
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    When our entire network is synced and ready to start another proposal, would it be beneficial to coordinate prior? Or just submit again with a more defined link to the organization that will be directly involved with cultivating our community.
    – Mac Wayne
    Sep 9 at 4:56

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