If I create a new proposal, I want to maximize the chances of being promoted to commit -> private beta -> public beta -> live. Because there is a lot of hard work that can be ruined just because of some exceptions.

I identified some possible situations that I'd like to combat:

  1. "Malicious user" acting like a follower/committer/voter -> someone that doesn't like the project creates multiple accounts to vote for the proposal.

  2. "The overhelper" - Someone sees my promoting message on a channel / group and wants (from his/her own initiative) to "help" and creates multiple accounts to follow/commit/vote.

  3. "The fallible"

    • E.g.: the one that has 2 accounts (a personal one + a job one), especially for users coming from StackOverflow, sees a message that he can follow the proposal, changes his place/device/browser where he is logged in with the other account and thinking that he didn't follow, he clicks again on the button.
    • A similar example with the one from point 1, but coupled to this problem. Someone tries to log in using his account, it doesn't work because of the platform bug, uses another new account without points. When the proposal is in commitment phase and the requirements include users with 200+ reputation, he tries again and manages to perform the action with his old account.
  4. "The gullible" - someone who falls in a trap. If a malicious user talks bad about the proposal, some users will come to the thread and will post messages with arguments. Because the other users share their point of view, they will fall in the trap of mutual voting.

My attempts:

  • when I spread the message about the new proposal -> specify that we need to be fair, to have only one account / user, to vote however we want (not necessarily upvote)
  • when I identify similar usernames, try to contact and convince the person to remove one of his accounts (if the username gives some hints about the person)

Other possible attempts (I don't know if they help)

  • to ask the users to use their home PC, not the company one, because if there are 2-10 colleagues from the same company, they will be under the same VPN

So, what else can I do to be sure that if I bring enough genuine users on the proposal, it won't be closed (excepting the no activity situation)?

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