This is my first time involving myself in Stack Exchange Meta work, so my apologies if I'm doing anything wrong here.

I'm most active on physics Stack Exchange and for some time I've felt there is a blind spot for optical engineering.

See for example: How to multiplex several light sources into one optical path? [closed]. this is question along the lines of optical engineering and was closed according to physics meta discussion: Are engineering questions appropriate for this site? which concludes that raw engineering questions (which don't delve into some deeper physical principle) are off topic.

However, as far as I can tell, there is no stack exchange appropriate for such questions.

In my experience as an experimental physicist I think such an optical engineering stack exchange would be very useful. There is also a huge and growing number of professional optical scientists and engineers who could benefit from and contribute to such a site.

I don't have a community for this yet but I imagine one could be drummed up.

Like I said, this is my first time dipping my toe into this, but like I said, I've been thinking this for some time and I'd like to start here and throw this out there.

Note: Just did a bit further research before posting. It looks like this could fall under the optics tag in Engineering Stack Exchange.. but that stack exchange seems awfully broad.. I can familiarize myself with it and see how it looks. I could see optical engineering stack exchange standing alone similar to Electrical engineering or signal processing stack exchange.

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